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Bing expands Shopping Campaigns to Canada & India

If you own or run an online store, and are looking for new ways to reach new customers, then Bing Shopping campaigns and Product Ads are a great way to appeal to people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Much like Google AdWords for Google, Bing Shopping campaigns allow advertisers to show their adverts on the Bing Search Network along with the right-hand side of the search results page. Including the price, store name and an image, Bing Shopping advert campaigns are an extremely effective and visually appealing way to advertise, and now the service has been launched in Canada and India so you can reach even more customers from all over the world.

Over the last few years, Bing Ads has gone from strength to strength, launching in countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia, and from the 1st November 2017, now Canada and India, to expand the market even more. Bing assures us that over the next few months, the platform will be improved even more, with more international markets being added to the roster. This is great news for advertisers across the world, as millions of new potential customers are now available to them!

Although expanding to Canada is a huge boost for advertisers everywhere, only English language Product Ads are supported, and due to Quebec’s language laws stating that stores located in the province must provide a French website, users in Quebec will not be shown Product Ads.

So, with so many new potential customers being opened up to advertisers, here are a few tips on how to maximise your Bing Shopping campaigns:


  • Make sure your Product Image pops!
    Use a high-resolution image for your Product Image URL so that potential customers can see exactly what you have to offer them. Bing recommends using images with a white background for maximum effect, and image size must be 220 x 220.


  • Use Custom Labels
    Custom labels are a great way to differentiate high revenue items and top sellers, so you can segment by the campaign to optimise budgets and bids, and keep track of everything.


  • Don’t be basic
    When making your Product Ad, don’t just fill in the required attributes; make sure that you add as many attributes as you possibly can, as the more attributes you have, the higher the chance of your advert being shown in the most relevant results.


  • Don’t forget to use Share of Voice reporting
    The share of Voice reporting shows you the impressions that Bing thinks you are losing out on due to your budget, keyword bids, keyword relevance, landing page relevance, or position on the Bing search results pages. So, make sure you are using Share of Voice reporting for benchmark CPC, CTR, and impressions.


  • Refresh your feed
    Your feed will automatically expire after 30 days, but Bing recommends that you update your feed at least once a week, or for even better results, update it once a day.


  • Negative keywords are important too

Obviously, keywords are one of the most important things that you can use to get potential customers looking at your ads but don’t forget that negative keywords are important too. Negative keywords stop your advert from showing up in searches that probably won’t lead to sales, so using negative keywords is a great way to save yourself time and money, and just let your adverts be shown to people who might be converted to sales.


Originally posted at Avalon Hosting Services

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