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What to Look for in an Email Marketing

Use of emails around the world cannot fall into extinction. It is a form of communication that brings the global village together. For businesses, emails are very fundamental marketing strategy that facilitates communication with clients, offering the convenience of timely action and follow-ups in various relevant markets. Even though there are other digital communication platforms being used today, emails have retained their core purpose and more businesses are considering using this service to run their operations.

Recent research by Pew research centre shows that more adults and young people own a smartphone so they can connect to online email services. Experian have also found that there was a tremendous increase in emails being opened from mobile phones compared to the second quarter in just a single year in 2015. As a result of this change, business entities and other kinds of corporations have expanded their use of individual email. If you decide to utilise emails as a strategy to conduct marketing online, there are several skills that you should seek from an expert email marketer. These skills are discussed below.

Knowledge of the different market niches

The market is a wide spectrum of different people with vast interests in different activities and businesses around the world. With the diversity in the market, the consultant will need to address each of the different audiences with the content that aligns with the form of activities that they engage in. When doing email marketing, each field of expertise should receive an email that shows relevance to the business they conduct, otherwise it will not be meaningful.

Use A/B testing analytics

A/B testing methods compare the level of impressions from two similar concepts, leading to two different websites. The one that has the highest number of impressions wins. For this reason, you can try this kind of analysis with your friends on any online platform where you are connected with a number of people. For many online users, the steps through which you engage with the audience do matter. Procedures that are perceived to be too long by the audience will have minimal interactions as they are likely going to shift to other things that are easier and more interesting. The marketing strategies you adapt should be as user-friendly as possible. This will be reflected in the level of revenue as a result of having a high conversion rate.

Sourcing and retaining new readers

Having new readers to subscribe to your mail is one aspect of email marketing that many businesses fail to adapt to easily. Retaining those mailing list subscribers is another issue that any serious business doing email marketing must consider, developing a strategic direction and adapting all means possible to keep their subscribers. There are free tools that are available online which can be used to make random and constant pop-ups in websites, blogs and other online platforms. An example of such a tool is the SumoMe. The software tool has the capability to capture email contacts to add to your mailing list. The tool works to ensure that whenever a user clicks, a link directs them to the company’s newsletter where they can fill in their mail addresses. Such pop-ups appear on various platforms including Twitter, blogs, and other related websites.

SumoMe tool can be customised according to the frequency of times a pop-up appears. Therefore, depending on the audience, the system is adjustable to suit every market niche. The direction from which the pop-up will appear is also customisable, so it can pop from the bottom, top or the sides of the screen, depending on how the settings are arranged. The frequency of appearance can be adjusted to maybe five to ten seconds after a new visitor loads your site.

The best way to maintain traffic on your website is by giving the audience what they enjoy reading. It is a simple process as the most visited sites will have the highest impression analytics. There are tools such as MailChimp that give a good summary of the way your audience interacts and engages with the different niches of content posted. The idea behind the success of email marketing is giving the audience what they need and enjoy.


A successful business is solely dependent on the various strategic plans that are imposed by the management. In this case, doing business marketing online is easy as a result of technological advancement and globalisation. Various cultural interactions have made the online platform a place to be exploited by the business world, by offering services and products that their audience would be interested in. Therefore, an online email marketing plan is a good strategy to tap into the global market connected by the internet.

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