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Reasons digital marketing is becoming a platform for B2B manufacturers

With increased digitisation and technological advancement, business-to-business marketers have come to the realisation that the field of marketing is also experiencing changes. There is a paradigm shift in the way businesses are doing their publicity, their main goal being to expand their consumer base to increase sales that will later reflect on their profitability.

B2B business is opting to invest more in online article content marketing about their business. They have realised that many of the business fields they deal with also do the same marketing, promotion, and branding. There are several reasons, however, that have made the manufacturers put their money into marketing the digital way, some of which we will discuss below.

Marketing through content is being done by more than 82% of B2B businesses

A considerably high number of the B2B businesses use digital platforms to market their content. The remaining percentile is very low, and the implications may have already been felt. From research that has previously been done, the businesses already using these digital marketing strategies indicated that using digital platforms is a good way to give consumers the appropriate content, that which they find valuable and which suits them as well as content that is marketing the products and services of the company. In this case, the promotional costs of having to invest in air and view are reduced significantly. Being a business that the audience has an existing interest in, there should be a platform where the business and audience can interact. This is also why more than 80% of businesses are involved in such content promotion campaigns, while you may be yet to make progressive steps.

Find effectiveness and efficiency in marketing through content

26% of B2B manufacturers have clearly indicated the significant effectiveness that this kind of marketing has in the current marketplace. More than that, B2B manufacturers that have a strategy for documenting their content already have the means to make this content effective, and this makes up a 53% representation of the businesses surveyed. Therefore, being organised and coming up with a workable plan and a well executed procedure ensures that the strategic plans are implemented.

Sourcing for a group that is reliable and dedicated to creating content

From the report, there were a significant number of businesses that had a team of marketers whose sole function is to facilitate the timely writing, editing and submitting of content to the audience, after which they can engage them in an interaction. The interactions can be based on the content that has been made accessible to them or from other areas that the business deals with. 37% of the B2B manufacturers were already enjoying such benefits before the research was done. It can therefore be concluded that for successful B2B marketing, you must have an excellent team of marketers.

Creating Brand awareness

The eventual goal of marketing for B2B manufacturers is creating a brand that will be a household name in the entire market. The result should be increased sales that then translate to the greater profitability of the business. Most B2B manufacturers that hit the high sales line attributed their success to content marketing. This accounted for 89% of businesses.

Content creation

More than 65% of the B2B manufacturers have an increase of content on their sites. There has been a rise of influencing and quality content that was identified by around 21% of the people who participated in the survey. A business that is yet to step into this form of content creation is facilitating its lagging behind, considering that more than 65% of the same businesses are succeeding more by creating content.

Video marketing

From the report, there has been a tremendous increase in the content that is being advertised through videos. It experienced a significant rise in recent years to reach even more audiences. Statistically, electronic newsletters and social media accounted for 85% of the effectiveness of content creation, while articles on websites, and graphic illustrations made up 84% and 82% of content respectively.

LinkedIn use by the manufacturers

LinkedIn is a platform where various categories of business groups and individuals are automatically merged into the same groupings and feeds. Therefore, having subscribers that have followed you will mean the content reaches them when it’s published. This platform has been used to promote content just like any other social media channel.

Daily and weekly postings

The number of times content is posted to websites is key to ensuring consistency and creating the notion to an audience that there will always be something after a specific period of time. A small group of businesses post their content once or twice in a month while others exhaust their efforts to try and post at least once a day. The results are self-explanatory – those with content on a timelier and higher frequency have a wider subscription and market to broadcast to.

Spending more on content creation

B2B business is opting to spend more on creating content for their customer base. Just like their counterparts who are exhausting all possible means to get a grip on the market, B2B are capitalising on their profitability with content creation and marketing.

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