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How Google Analytics Can Help Your Small Business?


Google Analytics is essential for any online business because it helps you understand how you are reaching your audience and how to drive more traffic to your website as well as what is working for you and what isn’t. There is lots that Google Analytic will tell you about your website but here are the most important things it will tell you;

Where Visitors Coming From

By looking at your Google Analytics for your business you can see where your visitors are coming from using which browsers and operating systems, you can then use this information to ensure that your website, applications and add-one work on the most popular browsers and operating systems that your visitors are coming from.

What’s Not Interesting

Google Analytics shows you what is keeping your customers interested, but also what isn’t and that’s important too! You can look at the features that aren’t working, parts of your sales funnel that are turning your customers off and such like. You can look at your Top Exit Pages and see how you can improve them to improve interest on those pages.

What Gets People to You

You will see a list of words and phrases that people have entered to find your website, when you see what people are searching to find your website you can then work backwards by using this in your content marketing strategy to attract even more visitors to your website for that chosen keyword or search term.

How Much Poking Is Going On

You can also look at your Google Analytics to see how much poking around is going on, check people are looking at 2 or 3 pages if they aren’t ordering straight away and if you find they’re not then look at the layout and design of your website and the content that you are providing because people should be poking around your website to find out more.

How Are You Being Viewed

Similar to the browsers and operating systems people are using, by seeing how your website is being viewed you can ensure that your website is at its potential when it comes to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Make sure your features work on the most popular ways people are viewing your website.

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