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Product and service marketing through writing a series of articles

Writing descriptions and specifications of products and services is an online marketing strategy that can draw people’s attention so that they can understand and be informed about the specific products that they are looking for. In some cases, the written material itself is the product and service they might be looking to buy.

Articles can be informative, offering counselling services, giving directions, containing marketing and promotional content amongst other thing. It’s a selling strategy that works especially well among people who prefer to understand the products and services they need in great depth and detail.

The service can be provided for any kind of content, through a series of steps that are fast and convenient. The steps are easy to follow and work very well for the marketing of articles.

Accuracy and care are very important in this kind of work. The general information written must be true and must not contain any contradictions that could negatively affect the perception of the product or service. It should not convey any incorrect or dubious information.

Successful article marketing should ensure that the target audience can read the content provided as quickly as possible. This is why the articles should be written in a short and precise way. Important information should, however, not be left out.

Every marketing niche has its subcategories which can be used to give even more relevant content. A reader might not find any personal relevance in one of the main marketing topics but might find some of the sub-topics to be of great interest.

The marketer will have to accurately arrange and categorize each piece of content in the respective subject groups to ensure readers can find the required content quickly and easily.

Most of the time, a writer will produce content that is relevant to the audience. In marketing, what is of interest to you as the marketer is not necessarily what will be of interest to the audience, so the writer will ensure that the content is targeted at the readers. There are exemptions to this where readers might naturally follow a columnist’s content just because they like the way they write, but in most cases the readers read about what they want to know and not simply what has been presented to them.

There are various ways that a writer can use writing to achieve marketing success by producing premium quality articles. Those techniques are as follows:

  • Create an organised series of articles

The series should be properly arranged around the variety of topics that the articles are to cover. The first step is to write the article titles and then break each one into numerous parts. This makes the rest of the work easier as it now involves simply filling the spaces with the required relevant content. With an outline already done, the writer can decide which topic to deal with at any point and order them as they wish. Lack of a strategic plan can impact on the business, but having a strategic workflow will help to ensure that they have a good series of articles at their disposal at all times.

  • Write a series that uplifts and gives you the momentum to keep going

For many authors, the first write-ups they do at the start of a day are likely to be dictate what kind of content and how much work they will have done by the end of the day. A writer wants to see progress throughout the day to feel they’ve achieved something good. They want to see the backlog of listed topics going down as the day goes by. The rate of the workflow will depend on the organisation of topics and the plan in place to get them all done. If the process is smooth, moving from the first article to the last in a series, the work becomes easier.

Online marketing involves a wide range of topic options that can be put into one broad category. Therefore all the articles that a writer has written in a series can be put together as an e-book that can be sold online. For writers who would love to compile an e-book one day, it’s advisable that they create interlinking content in a series of articles. This way they will have an easier time sorting materials into their archive. Many articles can also be compiled into a manual to advise others on online marketing. Commercialisation of this kind is rewarding as it can expand on an author’s ability, motivating them to have a clear direction in what they produce. Search engine optimised articles are a good example of the content for marketing that can be written by authors.

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