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Simply DIY real estate SEO techniques that will get your website ranked No. 1

Real estate seo is very challenging because when searching with keywords such as homes for sale in your market or your market real estate, the top spot are always being occupied by major real estate franchise like Zillow, realtor, Tulia and

It’s so terrible that most real estate agents have given up in trying to outranking these big brands.

But don’t give-up on the top spot. If SEO is done right, real estate agents still stand a good chance to make it to the first page.

There is a reason why real estate seo is very good. It is the only real estate advertising medium in which buyers search for your services when they are in need of it.

They are the ones looking for you not the other way round and they are the most motivated leads any agent should target.

Getting your website to the first page of Google for keywords related to your market means you will be in pole position to be seen by these motivated buyers.

Here’s how to do real estate seo that will get your site ranked

  1. Don’t’ joke with Header tag

A header tag is used to break content into separate headings so that it will be easy for visitors to scan though.

The most important aspect of header tag is the H1 tag which is used for the title of a page.

This tag is very important because it’s what Google uses to understand what your page is all about.

H1 tag should only appear once on a page. I have seen real estate website using more than one H1 tag on a page.

Using more than one H1 tag on a page is very wrong and will get you nowhere SEO wise.

After H1 tag, the next most important tag on a page is the H2 tag. Unlike H1 tag, H2 tag can appear more than once on a page.

After H2 tag, the next in importance is H3 tag. These tag can be used more than once on a page and it’s used on a page subheadings

There are other header tags like H4 to H6 but they are not as important as H1 to h3 tags

How to use Header Tags for effective real estate seo

  1. H1 Tag should appear only once on a page and it should contain your target keyword
  2. Your H1 Header should appear above the fold and above all content on a page
  3. H2 tag should contain your next most important keywords or LSI keywords
  4. H3 Tags should contain your LSI keywords
  5. H4 to H6 tag should be used with generic keywords or LSI keywords

2. Speed is the next best thing to higher rankings

Want to rank higher but your website is as slow as a snail? Then you are going nowhere. According to searchengineland, speed is now a Google ranking signal.

According to a research here, websites that loads slowing has a poor conversion and engagement rate.  Nearly half of web surfers expect a page to load under 2 seconds and they tend to abandon a page that does’t load within 3 seconds.

And because Google wants to provide the best resource to Googlers, they will down grade any website they load slowly.

  1. Your content length matters much in seo

According to backlinko, the average length of pages on first page of Google result page is an average of 1890 words.

That is to show longer content ranks better than short content. According to result driven seo, longer content tends to rank better than their shorter counterparts because it’s seen as a thorough research and thus, attract more links.

Rapping it-up

These simply real estate techniques if implemented will skyrocket your organic rankings and traffic.

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