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Reaching Millions Through Internet Promotions

“I can confidently say we are profitable in the seven-figures (annually).”

              Come let’s dig into this success story along with an insight of internet promotion, their influence in government and expert’s tips and tricks to succeed.

Internet Promotion:
As per, “Internet promotion is also known as search engine promotion, website marketing or website promotion. Internet promotion refers to all methods employed by a company or individual to promote a website and increase its Position and page rank.”

Internets are King Makers Too:
“Narendra Modi to be India’s first social media prime minister” Headlines of “Financial Times” on May 25, 2015, speaks itself for Internet Promotion and how much social media can influence the general public. Twitter users in India are 80 million and counting, according to estimates from the Internet and Mobile Association of India.
As per Twitter India data, 58 million tweets has been tweeted right from 2014 till Mr. Narendra Modi’s victory in relation to an election with more than 2 million tweets on result day alone.

Recent big step taken by Mr.Modi for the nation called Demonetization, of two highest value denomination notes – the 500 rupee note and the 1000 rupee note – won’t remain legal tender, from midnight November 8, 2016. This major move was taken to curb the black money which curtails the economy from its growth. With respect to the demonetization, Mr. Modi has given a message on his Facebook recently stating as follows

“Time has come for everyone, particularly my young friends, to embrace e-banking, mobile banking & more such technology.” – Narendra Modi, Sunday at 12.08 PM. Facebook Mentions.

            This exemplifies the role of social media promotion in governance apart from piles and piles of the success story in business. Social media is a boon to know the local pulse and furnish a great two-way communication which is the need of the hour.

Success Story of Luxy Hair:
Luxy Hair is the perfect example of reaching millions through internet promotions. Their marketing strategy is exclusively powered by

1. Tutorial style YouTube videos and
2. A Loyal community of fans in social media.

Alex Ikonn and Mimi Ikonn, are the co-founders of Luxy hair. It all started when Mimi was in a quest for hair extensions for her big day but no brand came in a rescue. They seized up this opportunity to supply quality and affordable hair extensions which were in demand. They started their business and targeted their audience with the help of YouTube channel: “Luxy hair” with a subscriber base of 2,930,466 and counting.

Check out the above link to get inspired by Alex Ikonn.

Cons of Internet Promotion:
As double sides of a coin we also have some cons of social media promotion
1. It is highly time intensive
2. High in security breaches
3. Brand image can be damaged even with little hatters.
4. Social media reaches globally which can give misconceptions and misinterpretations.

“Be a dot in the internet ocean like the sun in our solar system”
-Ezhilvanan Arunachalam, CEO,

          By the above quote no marketing channel is built perfect same applies for social media. But digital marketing is the need of the hour and internet promotions handled properly can surely reach and win millions.

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